In Northern China, 300 miles from the Russian border, the city of Harbin is host to an Ice and Snow Festival every winter. The weather will be mild this weekend with a low of only -20 degrees; a number I can’t quite wrap my head around. With a generous sprinkling of hand warmers in my shoes, gloves, and pockets (to keep my phone/camera from dying due to the cold) and a furry hat on my head, I brave the cold to see the beautiful art.

The Snow Festival

The Ice Lantern Park

and Ice World

7 thoughts on “Brrrrrr

  1. So beautiful, thanks for sharing! Love the hat, too! Hey, will you still be in Shanghai in Feb 2018? I’ll be sailing with SAS again and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you! (Has SAS asked you to be the one to come aboard the ship for the diplo briefing yet?)


  2. Oh Kelly, these are amazing! I especially loved the huge rooster at the Snow Festival, all the fish in Ice Lantern Park, and the archer at Ice World. What a wonderland! Isn’t it amazing what can be created when art is encouraged? Thank you so much for sharing these with us!


  3. Hi Kelly, What great pictures. We have friends who have a condo in Breckenridge, CO and they say every winter groups come from all over the world to make snow and ice sculptures. I’m guessing they’re similar to those you have posted. It’s hard for me to imagine the creativity that some people have!!! Sounds like you’ve gone to another spectacular place to visit. After we came back from CA, Gary and I went to the Grand Canyon, another phenomenon. We’ve seen it during the summer and now the winter. With snow on the ground, it put a whole new perspective on it and it was wonderful to see. We haven’t had too much of a wet winter here as they have had in CA. Our days are mostly sunny, but certainly not too warm unless you’re standing directly in the sunshine. We’re off to North Carolina next month to visit some friends. Only going to be there for a few days, but it’ll be nice to see a new state! All is well here. Tony and Ali and kids are all settled in their new home. A bigger house and a much larger piece of property. Stay safe, much love, Auntie Lou


  4. Very cool! Pun intended.

    Once again, your photos are amazing! I’m so happy I get to travel along with your adventures from your wonderful posts.


  5. Wow, that’s incredible. And cold as SH*%. Artists adapt to their environment. I’ve seen intricate sand sculptures but nothing like this before. Thanks for sharing the magic.


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